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Recruiting and managing a temporary or casual workforce can be time consuming and very difficult to manage due to the very nature of temporary assignments but outsourcing your temporary staffing requirements to HR Employment Bureau can save you both the time and money involved in managing a temporary workforce

There are a few different reasons companies need/choose to recruit temporary staff, the main reasons are below:

1. You have won a new contract and are unsure of how quickly it will grow or last
2. To cover sickness and holiday
3. A seasonal uplift in orders
4. Economic uncertainty
5. To trial an employee before offering a permanent contract

We like categories in the recruitment industry so we catagorise usage of workers in the following way. The reason we do this if you keep reading it to try and provide realistic costing methods .

Adhock Usage
What we mean by occasional is that your requirement for temporary staff is occasional and you may use 1-2 staff every now and again to cover sickness, holidays, and occasional uplifts in business

1-5 Low Usage
As the category name suggests this is where you use between 1-5 staff at a time but the difference between this and adhoc is that you consistently have between 1-5 employees via us.

5-25 Medium Usage
Again, as the name suggests, this is for companies that need a high number of temporary staff members and most probably need more input from HR, be it site tours/interview and inductions for workers, reporting of figures and various other types of services that we provide

25-50 High Usage
If you fit into this category, you most probably run a very demanding business that has a a lot of uncertainty in daily order or how long contracts will last, you may need a HR Consultant on site and may need various other services that we provide

50+ OnSite
If you use more than 50 staff per day every day the you will need to look at our OnSite service, generally speaking if you need to use this volume of staff, the recruitment and management of this will all take place at your premises and we will integrate our services seamlessly into your business, provide clocking in machines, consultants, administrators along with monthly or quarterly management meetings to plan and ensure your operation runs smoothly and all recruitment objectives are achieved

HR Employment Bureau pride ourselves on being truly open and transparent about the costs associated in what we do and what we charge to do it. Below we will try and break down the cost involved and what it would cost you to employ a temporary member of staff

The Law

As an employment agency, we have many employment standards that need to be followed. One of these is parity of pay and benefits, also known as AWR (Agency Worker Regulations). The law broken down equate to this. After 12 weeks of continuous work, an agency worker must receive the same pay and benefits as a member of your internal staff in the same job position. This includes things like the number of holiday entitlement daysand bonuses or overtime payments. It is more in depth than this but this gives you an idea what needs to be included.

How much it costs to employ staff

A lot of people do not understand all the cost involved in employing staff, below is a guide to what it costs.
In the example below we will use a pay rate of £11 based on a 40 hour working week with a standard 28 day holiday.

Pay £11 * 40 hours = £440
Holiday £440 * 12.07% = £53.11
Employers NI £440 + £53.11 - £175 * 13.8% = £43.90
Total cost to employ is therefore: £440 + £53.11 + £43.90 = £537.01 or £13.43ph

So as you can see to employ somebody at £11 per hour it would actually cost you £13.43, we have the same costs as an agency.


*There are also Pension, Payroll and Financing costs to take into consideration

Our Fees

As an agency we charge a % of the pay rate as our fee on top of the above calculation as follows.
Adhoc Usage 17-20%

Low Usage 14-17%

Medium Usage 11-14%

High Usage 8-11%

OnSite below 8%

Using the above example if you are a low user our hourly fee would be 14-17% of £11ph or £1.54 - £1.87ph, if you were a high volume user our fee would be £0.88p - £1.21ph.

Included in this fee are:
All the advertising costs in recruiting employees.
Our Time in sifting, interviewing, refrencing and managing employees.
All weekly payroll processing costs including providing you with 30 day payment terms, subject to credit insurance acceptance.

This is a rough guide and is here so you can work out a rough cost, as each company is different it may be a slightly higher or lower fee than is stated on here depending on how difficult and how much time needs to be spent on fulfilling your requirements.

These fees apply to any temprorary work including:

Temporay short term contracts.
Temporary Long Term Contracts.
Length specific contracted timescales, ie a six month contract.
Temp - Perm Positions * May include release fees

If you would like a free no obligation bespoke quote for your requirements please get in touch with your nearest branch or use the contact form and one of our experienced consultants can get in touch and find out how best to help with your requirements

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