Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Take the hassle and cost out of your permanent recruitment.

Recruiting, especially if you do not recruit often can consume time and money and end with you not finding the right person for the role you are looking to fill.

General recruitment process you will need to undertake:

Write a job description
Work out what salary and benefits you need to offer
Advertise the job
Candidate sifting
Arrange telephone interviews
Arrange face to face interviews
Give Feedback
Arrange 2nd interviews and conduct 2nd interviews
Select suitable candidate
Obtain References
Write Contract
Offer Contract
Await candidate acceptance
Counter offer

In an ideal world this is the process you would follow to find your ideal candidate. Unfortunatly in the real world not everything goes to plan and the process can break down at any of these stages.

So imagine this scenario:

You have gone through all the above which has consumed 15-30 hours of your working schedule, you have spent £300-£1000 advertising on job boards. With this in mind you have probably spent between £1000-£3000 if you take time spent and advertising into account, but you have found the ideal applicant, so the cost and being behind with other work has been worth it.

You send an offer letter to the applicant only to find out that a competitor has offered a better salary or package and they have chosen to go to a different company.

You now have a couple of choices, you can either try to offer a better package or start the recruitment process again spending more time and money trying to get another suitable applicant.

Ok, so how can i save time and money ?

Instruct HR to recruit on your behalf, you only pay our fees when the ideal applicant has started work and the only time you will need to commit to the process is for interviews.

We can either do part of this recruitment process for you or all of it.
You may just want us to advertise the jobs and send suitable cvs through.
You may want to advertise the job yourself and ask us to sift through the CV’s and speak to candidates.
You may just want us to sit in on the interview or arrange interviews.
We can help with any part of this process, we are here to save you time and money.

So what are the costs ?

The easy answer to this is there is not a fixed cost, it all depends on how much you want us to do and how often you want to use our services, if this is just a one time job our fees are slightly higher, if you have an ongoing requirement for our services then we can offer a better deal.

To give a rough idea though most recruitment agencies charge 15-25% of the annual salary of the role for a Full 360 service including all the following:

Work out what salary and benefits you need to offer
Advertise the job
Candidate sifting
Arrange telephone interviews
Decide who to see face to face
Arrange face to face interviews
Arrange 2nd interviews
Obtain References
Write Contract
Offer Contract
Await candidate acceptance
Counter offer

Our bespoke pricing options can save you a considerable amount compared to many recruiters. Please talk to your local consultant to see what incentives we can offer.
The only difference between any agency in the country are the consultants. We all have the same candidates to pick from, we all use the same job boards, we all have the same costs and overheads.
At HR we believe that the key to successful recruitment is the communication, the understanding and the time our experienced consultants take to understand your business. The more we know about you and your business, the better placed we are to recruit for you.

If you just want us to do part of the recruitment process, we will charge an hourly rate.

If you want us to advertise Jobs, the cost will depend on how many job boards you want us to advertise on, but it will cost less than it does for you to advertise the jobs directly due to the volume of jobs we advertise and the discounts we receive.

Ok i want HR to help me with my recruitment, what do i do next?

You can either contact your local branch or use the contact form and one of our experienced consultants can get in touch and find out how best to help with your requirements

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